What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Hi Dan,

Just a short note to let you how much I appreciate all your hard work and many hours devoted to keeping my house out of foreclosure.

It had to be a labor of love for your job as I know the financial rewards were not great. We became friends along the way (like minds) and that was a good thing.

Again many thanks

I’m now a happy camper!

Cindy S., Middleburg, FL

Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for taking over my house that my tenant was not paying for nor maintaining.

You took a big load off of me, replacing the roof, replumbing the house, and finding a buyer to get me out!

Dan – A real solution provider

Jim K., St. Augustine


I didn’t understand everything you told me at first, but I sure understand the results.

I now have a retirement in place with steady payments I receive from the sale of the property I inherited
after probate.

Dealing with the existing tenants was extremely nerve racking – and you calmed my mind and gave me a path to the solution I needed.

You are truly a solution provider and knew just what to do. I prayed this would all turn out ok and am
so happy you knew how to overcome it all.

I was several states away and never had to revisit the property again – now I just reap the rewards and
monthly income!

Susan K. , Mississippi

Mr. Linton:

Just a note to thank you for helping us sell our property.

We recently moved and had some remaining obligations and we were concerned about potential legal action coming our way.

With your help you relieved us of all obligations, liabilities, and issues on our credit report.

Now we can carry on with no further worries and are happy to recommend you to others who may need to get out of their house.

James  G., Middleburg, FL


I want to thank you for all your hard work in preparing my house for the short sale. I know the task was not easy as you had to deal with two mortgage companies and had to get paperwork to and from myself and another party for signatures and such.

I do appreciate everything you did to make things easier for me as it would have been a daunting task for myself. Though it was not a happy situation to lose a home I am grateful that your efforts saved me from a foreclosure. With the sale behind me I am able to move forward in rebuilding my life and credit status.

If I come across anyone with this situation I will definitely recommend you to them. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Once again, Thank you for everything.


No more liabilities or county fees!

Susan B. Orange Park


My boyfriend and I were breaking up – the house was partially abandoned – we were both going downhill when I saw your sign and called you.

The unbelievable amount of work it took to save this property from foreclosure still amazes us and we both thank you for protecting our credit record.

You helped us with great information and kept in contact all along the way until several months later – we closed, sold our house, with both banks approval – and put this chapter behind us.

Thank you and your team!

A Big Mess, but Dan saved us from Foreclosure.

John H. & Theresa S., Orange Park, FL

Dan and Sherm:

Thank you for buying my 1984 DWMH in not such great condition.

You met me at the closing office and all went well. I enjoyed doing
business with honest folks like yourselves.

Mr. Martinez, Middleburg, FL


Thank you for your help in buying my place on Orchid Ave
in Middleburg, FL.

You were a big help for myself and I imagine the buyers also. As you know it was sold to the first people to look at it.

I did not have to show it to anyone else. – Chuck

Charles W., Middleburg, FL

Dear Real Estate Solutions Team (Dan),

My brother, sister and I tried to do something with our folks old house, but we just got frustrated and gave up.

We listed it – and you worked out a deal we could all be happy with.

Thanks for taking over.